Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Slate's mistakes.
Aug. 19 2005 3:30 PM


In an Aug. 18 "Chatterbox," Timothy Noah mistakenly identified James Chalmers as the author of the second runner-up entry in his Iraqi constitution-writing contest. In fact, the author of the entry that Noah chose to be second runner-up was Alfred Barkan.


In the Aug. 15 "Explainer," an editing error resulted in the article placing Dirty Face Mountain in Umatilla National Forest in southeast Washington. Dirty Mountain is on the north side of Lake Wenatchee, closer to the center of the state.

In the Aug. 15 "In Other Magazines," Bidisha Banerjee incorrectly identified Kinky Friedman as a rock musician. His band, Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys, played country music.

In an Aug. 11 "Chatterbox," Timothy Noah made erroneous reference to Rep. DeLay's home district of "Sugarland, Texas." The name of the town is Sugar Land.

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