Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Slate's mistakes.
June 17 2005 11:30 AM


In a June 16 "Summer Movies" article, Rebecca Onion originally and incorrectly stated that the shark ate four people in the original Jaws, when in fact it was five.


In a June 14 "Hollywood Economist," Edward Jay Epstein originally stated that Rupert Murdoch had placed an order for 20 million digital video recorders when in fact, he only announced that he intended to do this.

In a June 13 "Human Nature," William Saletan initially said Italian law restricts in-vitro fertilization to married couples. In fact, cohabiting, unmarried couples also qualify.

In a June 12 "Today's Papers," Lea Rappaport Geller incorrectly referred to the IMF, World Bank, and African Development Bank as NGO's. "Lending organizations" is a more accurate term.

Due to an error introduced in editing, a June 10 Mixing Desk by Jonah Weiner originally referred to Alejandro Sanz as a rapper. He's not.

In a June 6 "Dispatch," Joshua Foer said that a renewal-of-vows cermony for Steve and Joyce Mashburn was performed by a justice of the peace. The officiant was a judge.

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