Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Slate's mistakes.
April 11 2005 11:45 AM


In the April 7 "Today's Blogs," Bidisha Banerjee originally called Babies are Fireproof the "Unofficial blog of the Iowa Mafia." The blog's official subtitle is the "Unofficial Backroom of the Iowa Mafia."


In the April 5 "Jurisprudence," Dahlia Lithwick mistakenly referred to Rep. Tom DeLay as the House minority leader. He is the House majority leader.

In the April 5 "Medical Examiner," Daniel Engber incorrectly stated that federally funded scientists would not be allowed to participate in a proposed system for government peer review. That provision, which was included in the government's original proposal, has since been eliminated.

In the April 4 "Human Nature" article, William Saletan originally and incorrectly said Paul Wolpe was a psychiatrist at the University of Pennsylvania. According to the University of Pennsylvania Web site, Wolpe is a professor in the Department of Psychiatry and directs the Program in Psychiatry and Ethics at Penn's School of Medicine. However, he is not a psychiatrist. He is a sociologist.

In the April 1 "Books" column, Margaret Atwood referred to the "art-making children in Treblinka." It was the children of the Theresienstadt ghetto who have been recognized for the remarkable work they left behind when deported to Auschwitz.

In the March 26 "Today's Papers," Andrew Rice originally and incorrectly stated that the Los Angeles Times identified Asher Karni as an Israeli. In fact, the LAT identified him as "a South African electronics salesman and former Israeli army major."

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