Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Slate's mistakes.
Sept. 10 2004 1:17 PM


In a Sept. 9 "Chatterbox," Timothy Noah erroneously identified South Charleston mayor Richie Robb as an elector for the state of South Carolina. He is an elector for West Virginia.


In a Sept. 9 "Design" article, Tom Vanderbilt mistakenly referred to Hermann Broch as a "German-Jewish novelist." Mr. Broch, was from Austria, not Germany.

In her "Television" article posted Sept. 8, Dana Stevens mistakenly wrote that Bravo's Significant Others was pulled from the air after only three episodes. In fact, Significant Others ran for six episodes.

In the Sept. 8 "War Stories," Fred Kaplan originally referred to the algorithm devised by his uncle to bring the Telstar satellite back into orbit as a "logarithm."

In the Sept. 4 "The Gist," Masha Gessen originally stated that Chechens were exiled in Western Siberia until 1976. In fact, they were allowed to return home in 1957.

In the "High Concept" article posted Sept. 3, Debra Dickerson mistakenly attributed a quote to former Texas Gov. Ann Richards and indicated Richards was speaking about George W. Bush. In fact, former Texas Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower said it, and he was speaking about George H.W. Bush.

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