Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Slate's mistakes.
Aug. 13 2004 1:18 PM


In an Aug. 10 "Press Box," Jack Shafer mistakenly wrote that the Intelligence Identities Protection Act has never been used to prosecute or imprison anyone. That is incorrect. In 1985, Sharon M. Scranage went to jail after  pleading guilty to two counts of violating the act.


In the Aug. 9 "Today's Papers," Avi Zenilman mistakenly said that none of the papers were able to catch early morning reports of a car bomb explosion northeast of Baghdad and that seven people were reported dead from the explosion. In fact, the Los Angeles Times did report the explosion, and two people were reported dead.

Due to an editing error, an Aug. 9 "Books" by Dan Chiasson mistakenly referred to Lads as "in print." In fact, Lads does not go on sale until Sept. 7, 2004. Also, Chiasson misleadingly referred to Dave Itzkoff's father as "an alcoholic daddy out of Twain." Itzkoff's father is, in fact, not an alcoholic. He suffered from a cocaine addition.

In the Aug. 9 "International Papers" column, Carl Schrag originally and incorrectly stated that, according to the Age of Melbourne, Malaysia is the only country to send athletes to the Olympic Games but not to televise the events. In fact, the Age reports that this distinction belongs to Indonesia.

In his Aug. 5 review of Collateral, David Edelstein incorrectly located a scene in Chinatown. The scene took place in Koreatown.

In an Aug. 4 "Hey Wait a Minute," Andy Bowers listed the Honda Accord's curb weight. For consistency, the article now cites the Accord's gross vehicle weight rating.

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