Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Slate's mistakes.
July 30 2004 1:20 PM


A July 27 convention "Dispatch" by Dahlia Lithwick misattributed a quote from the 1988 Democratic Convention. The article originally claimed that Ann Richards said that President George H. W. Bush was "born on third base and thinks he hit a triple." In fact, former Texas Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower said that.


In the Thursday a.m. entry of his "Ballot Box" blog from the Democratic National Convention, William Saletan erroneously said that reporters sat in seats on only one side of the press area at the FleetCenter in Boston. In fact, reporters sat in seats on both sides, though Sen. Edwards waved to just one section.

In a July 23 "Press Box" column, Jack Shafer mistakenly wrote that a C-SPAN caller asked Vice President Cheney about his future on the presidential ticket. The question came from a C-SPAN staffer.

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