Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Slate's mistakes.
April 16 2004 12:46 PM


In the April 9 "Press Box," by Jack Shafer, the first name of writer Evgenia Peretz was misspelled.

In his April 8 "Movies" review of The Girl Next Door, David Edelstein mistakenly referred to Luke Greenfield as the film's writer and director. He was the film's director only.


In two "War Stories" columns, "Condi Lousy" of April 8 and "Ashcroft Gets a Free Pass" of April 13, Fred Kaplan used the wrong title for the President's Daily Brief of Aug. 6, 2001. It was "Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US" not "Bin Laden Determined To Attack Inside the United States." The confusion arose because Condoleezza Rice referred to the PDB by the incorrect title in her April 8 testimony before the 9/11 commission. In "Ashcroft Gets a Free Pass," the correct title of the Senior Executive Intelligence Brief of Aug. 7 is "Terrorism: Bin Laden Determined To Strike in the United States," not "Terrorism: Bin Laden Determined To Attack the United States."

A March 12 "Television" column by Dennis Cass about USA Network's Touching Evil series originally and incorrectly stated that Touching Evil is "based on a BBC series of the same name." In fact, Touching Evil is based on series of the same name by Britain's Granada Television.

In this Feb. 26 Oscar dispatch, Lynda Obst mistakenly referred to The Barbarian Invasions as a nominee for the Oscar for best adapted screenplay. It was nominated for best original screenplay.

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