Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Slate's mistakes.
March 19 2004 3:20 PM


A March 19 "Moneybox," by Michelle Leder, about corporate annual reports originally criticized an apparent consulting agreement between A. Kirk Lanterman and the cruise line Carnival Corp. The article made two errors. It wrongly claimed that Lanterman had resigned as CEO of Carnival subsidiary Holland America last November. In fact, Lanterman is still chairman and CEO of Holland America. The article also stated that, according to the Carnival 10K, Lanterman would earn $167,000 a month to provide five hours a month of consulting services during his first 15 years of retirement. The article and its headline criticized that deal as a $33,000-per-hour consulting contract. The article mischaracterized the arrangement. Although the 10K refers to it as a consulting contract, other Carnival filings and a Carnival spokesman say the $167,000 monthly retirement check represents deferred compensation. (As CEO, Lanterman has set aside some of his annual bonus for retirement.) It is not, the spokesman says, a payment for consulting services.

In a March 18 "Foreigners" column, Lee Smith referred to Morocco as a former "Spanish protectorate." In fact, both France and Spain ruled parts of Morocco until 1956.


In the March 17 "Press Box" by Jack Shafer, the first name of Josef Mengele was misspelled as Joseph.

In a March 15 "Fighting Words," Christopher Hitchens originally misstated the date of Adm. Luis Carrero Blanco's assassination. He was killed in 1973, not 1975.

A Dec. 11, 2003, "Dispatch From the Martha Stewart Trial" stated, incorrectly, that Merrill Lynch's computers "didn't accept stop-loss orders for Nasdaq stocks." As later testimony in the trial indicated, Merrill Lynch computers did indeed accept stop-loss orders for Nasdaq stocks.

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