A roundup of recent corrections in Slate.

A roundup of recent corrections in Slate.

A roundup of recent corrections in Slate.

Slate's mistakes.
Aug. 29 2003 3:31 PM


In an Aug. 28 "Culturebox", Elena Lappin incorrectly stated that the Booker Prize for novelists is not open to Irish citizens.  The prize is in fact open to citizens of the UK, the Republic of Ireland, and the Commonwealth of Nations.

In an Aug. 27 "Culturebox", Charles Freund incorrectly stated that the first part of The Battle of Algiers was set in 1954. He also noted that one faction of the FLN had ousted another in 1967; in fact it was in 1965.

In his Aug. 26 "Chatterbox" column, "It's Not Lobbying, It's HBO," Timothy Noah wrote that he was "pretty sure that there has never been a dramatic TV series" depicting life in the House of Representatives. In fact, there was such a show, starring William Katt and titled, "King of the Hill," that lasted for eight episodes in 1989.


An Aug. 26  Ballot Box  by William Saletan and Ben Jacobs originally and incorrectly cited, as an example of President Bush's discredited warnings about Iraq, "the claim that Iraq had bought aluminum tubes to make missiles." The administration's claim was that Iraq could have bought the tubes only to enrich uranium. Iraq claimed that the tubes were for rocket launchers, and evidence emerged that this claim was plausible, though it has never been confirmed.

In his Aug. 22 "Music Box," Sasha Frere-Jones implied that no famous producer had ever released a good solo disc. He should have referred specifically to famous rock producers.

In his Aug. 21 "Chatterbox" column, "Does the GOP Subvert Democracy?", Timothy Noah stated that in 1960 a Republican challenge switched electoral votes from Kennedy to Nixon. In fact, they were switched from Kennedy to Nixon and then back to Kennedy.

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