A roundup of recent corrections in Slate.

A roundup of recent corrections in Slate.

A roundup of recent corrections in Slate.

Slate's mistakes.
July 25 2003 2:20 PM


A July 25 "Recycled" originally misstated the location of a Ten Commandments display in Montana. It is in Miles City, not Billings.

In a July 24 "Explainer," Brendan I. Koerner incorrectly stated that Japanese Adm. Isoruku Yamamoto was ambushed by U.S. fighter jets. The aircraft in question were prop planes.

In a July 23  article about British Prime Minister Tony Blair's speech before the U.S. Congress, Michael Kinsley incorrectly identified Keir Hardie as the British Labor Party's first prime minister. Hardie was the first leader of the Labor Party.


In the July 19 "Today's Papers" column, Tyler Cabot mistakenly reported that a front-page story in that day's Washington Post reported that the CIA and other intelligence agencies were more concerned about Iraq than the public knew and that Mary Matalin had begun shaping the White House's response. The story actually appeared on the front page of the July 19 Los Angeles Times.

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