A roundup of recent corrections in Slate.

A roundup of recent corrections in Slate.

A roundup of recent corrections in Slate.

Slate's mistakes.
June 6 2003 3:48 PM


In the "Summary Judgment" roundup of 2 Fast 2 Furious reviews, Marshall Heyman referred to the Miami Herald's Rene Rodriguez as "she." Rodriguez is a man.

In an article about Granta's "Best of the Young British Novelists" issue, Meghan O'Rourke suggested that Ali Smith should have made the cut. Smith turned 40 in 2002 and was therefore ineligible for inclusion in the special issue.

In an article  about the New York Times, Jack Shafer mistakenly described Dean Baquet as having left the paper after Howell Raines become executive editor. Baquet left in 2000, and Raines became executive editor in 2001.


In an article  about the discrepancies between the print and Nexis versions of a NewRepublicstory about the Washington Post, Jack Shafer wrote that the print version of the story described only Roy Littlejohn as a Marion Barry crony who served time for corruption. The print version listed both Littlejohn and Ivanhoe Donaldson.

In an article examining whether Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, Fred Kaplan misattributed this quote, "It matters immensely because the basis on which the war was sold to the British House of Commons, to the British people, was that Saddam represented a serious threat" to British Prime Minster Tony Blair. Robin Cook, the former British foreign secretary, said it.

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