A roundup of recent corrections in Slate.

A roundup of recent corrections in Slate.

A roundup of recent corrections in Slate.

Slate's mistakes.
June 13 2003 6:17 PM


In a Gizmos column on the T-Mobile Sidekick, Paul Boutin mistakenly stated that gateway software existed on "T-Mobile's side of the connection"; the software is on Danger Inc.'s servers. He also stated that T-Mobile offered a data-only plan in which calls cost 8 cents per minute. They cost 20 cents per minute.

In an article about same-sex marriages in Canada, June Thomas mistakenly placed the Ontario Court of Appeals in Ottawa. The court is based in Toronto.

In an article about the Northeast regional semifinals of the U.S. Air Guitar Championships, Dan Chiasson referred to "Jimmy Page's double-necked Les Paul." Page played a single-necked Les Paul, but he is best known for his double-necked Gibson EDS-1275.


An article about the movie Style Wars said Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant co-directed the film. Silver was the director; Silver and Chalfant co-produced the film. The error was introduced when the article was copy edited.

In an article about Sammy Sosa, Charles P. Pierce mistakenly stated that Sosa hit 60 home runs in three consecutive seasons. Sosa hit 60 home runs three times, but not in three consecutive seasons.

In an article about retired Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker, Fred Kaplan said Schoomaker had retired as commander in chief of the Army's Special Operations Forces. In fact, he was commander in chief of special operations forces for all the U.S. armed services, not just the Army's.

In an article on homeland security, Fred Kaplan mistakenly referred to the D.C. police chief as the "commissioner."

In an article on the July 2003 issue of Vanity Fair, Julia Turner wrote that the magazine attributed comments about President Bush ("One, he didn't know very much. The other was he had the confidence to ask questions that revealed he didn't know very much.") to Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. In fact, the magazine attributed those comments to Richard Perle.

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