Lindt Personalizes Chocolate Lovers' Choices via the Cloud - presented by IBM and SlateCustom

Finally, Chocolate On Demand 

Finally, Chocolate On Demand 

Lindt Personalizes Chocolate Lovers' Choices via the Cloud 


Lindt, one of the oldest and most popular confectioners in the world, views chocolate as a personal shared experience of pleasure. The Swiss-based company had a web presence as of 2002, but customers who bought chocolates online were limited in their choices to prepackaged assortments. 

Lindt moved its e-commerce platform to the cloud, creating a "department store of chocolate." Now chocolate lovers can create unique assortments, mix and match their favorite products, and design custom offers based upon individual tastes. Satisfied customers are leading to greater loyalty and better sales, and Lindt can radically scale up during holiday seasons. The cloud has tripled revenue from mobile devices and allows the chocolate maker to build seasonal promotions and an ongoing relationship with its customers. 

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