The funniest, strangest, and most dramatic moments in Garry Trudeau's classic comic strip.

About Garry Trudeau's comic strip.
Oct. 25 2010 10:07 AM

Doonesbury's 200 Greatest Moments

The funniest, strangest, and most dramatic moments in Garry Trudeau's classic comic strip.

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In celebration of the 40th anniversary of G.B. Trudeau's Doonesbury, Slate and invite you to enter the feature's 14,600-strip archive and wander to your heart's content.  For the next two weeks this vast labyrinth of storytelling and interconnected lives, a chronicle of popular culture and politics, is open to all comers.  To help you get started, we've provided some 200 points of entry. Be sure to bring a flashlight and some snacks.

Mar. 21, 1971: First Sunday strip.

Apr. 4, 1971: Mark: "I'm Jewish."


Jun. 18, 1971: B.D. at ROTC summer camp.

Jun. 27. 1971: On the road.

Sept. 21, 1971: First appearance of Zonker.

Oct. 21, 1971: John Kerry series.

Apr. 19, 1972: Walden Commune.

Apr. 24, 1972: The naming of the puddle.

Nov. 12, 1972: The tale of Douglas.

Dec. 13, 1973: "It's a baby woman!"

Feb. 14, 1974: The Energy Czar.

Mar. 23, 1975: The plant-yakker.

May 31, 1975: The last days of Saigon.

Dec. 21, 1975: Christmas greetings.

Mar. 8, 1976: The Patty Hearst trial.

Nov. 20, 1977: Busted.

Jul. 27, 1978: Studio 54.

Oct. 9, 1978: Camp David Accords.

Nov. 27, 1978: Understanding the 70s.

Feb. 2, 1979: The Liberal Cult.

May 27, 1979: Commencement address.

Sep. 10, 1979: First appearance of J.J.

Dec. 3, 1979: "Fin de Decade" party.

Jan. 3, 1980: The book on Duke.

Jun. 15, 1980: He came to tan.

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