Slate Wine Guide

Slate Wine Guide

Slate Wine Guide

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Oct. 16 2003 10:33 AM

Slate Wine Guide

A collection of recent wine article from Slate.

A Wine-Soaked Tour of Bordeaux
Importers, merchants, and journalists descend on Bordeaux to sample the new vintage.

Grape Pretender
How do you sweet-talk a winemaker into giving up the goods?

Le Divorce
How wine and food have gone their separate ways.

Trophy Wine
In defense of drinking expensively.


Wine for Tightwads
Cheap wine you can actually drink.

Glass Sipper
Does a 50-buck wineglass buy you better-tasting wine?

Cold Shower
How to spit with the wine pros

Red Scare
Stay away from that Beaujolais Nouveau, sucker.


The Wines of War
They're not as bitter as you'd think.

The Burgundy Brawl
Wines that can start a fight.

Grape Deceptions
Why most wine collectors are also compulsive liars.

A professor of viticulture puts a stopper on wine hooey.

The Great and Powerful Shnoz
Does the emperor of wine have any clothes?