The Infallible Groove: Critic-Proof Dance Music - presented by Jaguar and SlateCustom

The Infallible Groove: Critic-Proof Dance Music

The Infallible Groove: Critic-Proof Dance Music

The Infallible Groove: Critic-Proof Dance Music

How American Dance Music Classed Up Its Sound, Reawakened Its Soul, and Cribbed Its Charm From the U.K.’s Garage Revival


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. But music is exempt from this thanks to the tastemaking cratediggers whose diligent unearthing forever ensures that old becomes new again. And right now, the music world is, unsurprisingly, tipping its hat to Britain once more. This time, though, it’s for a bit of a dark horse: U.K. garage. The influence is revitalizing, and classing up, dance music on both sides of the Atlantic, from artists toiling in the underground to those basking in the mainstream.

If you missed it the first time, the '90s garage movement hybridized U.K. dance with American rap and R&B, but it splintered by the early '00s without making global impact. Not so this time. And if your ears haven’t recognized the sound, that’s because garage 2.0 is sleeker, smarter, more sophisticated, and highly refined—which is to say, all the more English. But the second wave has proven prolific, inspiring offshoots and artists far and wide, including a rapper who has done the same.


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