Customer complaint letters: Pick the winner!

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Customer complaint letters: Pick the winner!

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Certain types of wedding bands (two-tone bands, patterned designs, diamonds) are difficult, if not impossible, to size without damaging the ring. At Benchmark we will make sure that your Wedding Band is taken care of properly. If we can't fix it, we will replace it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promptly manufacture the highest quality wedding bands and engagement rings in the industry, continuously focusing on satisfying our customers' needs and constantly striving to exceed their expectations. We will achieve this by maintaining practices that stress long-term relationships between our company and our customers, the integration of technology, human resources, and a strong commitment to helping our team members reach their full potential.

Benchmark was founded on three basic principles: Value our customers; love our team and satisfaction for a job well done. Teamwork is more than just a mission statement at Benchmark. It is a way of life that assures each customer individual attention at every level. Our team makes a commitment to you.

There is a passion derived from knowing that as a company, we make products that touch so many lives. Few industries can offer products that elicit such love that represents a lifetime commitment.

I can be reached at work, home, or by email [personal info withheld from publication].

Sincerely yours,
Keith Bertrand

(Result: Bertrand received a phone call from the company president, A.J. Tosyali *, who replaced the ring free of charge.)

4)    Dad's 85th birthday can't wait.

January 17, 2010