Readers try to predict the average consumer's daily spending.

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Oct. 15 2010 7:06 AM

How Much Did You Spend Today?

Readers try to predict the average consumer's daily spending.

How much did you spend today? If you don't happen to know, then this graph will tell you. (It displays the daily spending in stores, gas stations, restaurants, and online for the average American—which is to say, none of you but all of you.) These polls of daily consumer spending, which Gallup has been conducting for years, show Americans getting stingier since the onset of the Great Recession. For August 2010, spending averaged $63 per day, down from both the previous month and the previous August.

On Oct. 14, Gallup will release the figure for the month of September. What will it be? (You can make a pretty good guess, but you never know: People could have spent a lot those last four days of September.) Enter your prediction between $50 and $80. This poll will close on Oct. 13.

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