Daniel Gross interviews Matt Miller about The Tyranny of Dead Ideas.

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Jan. 8 2009 4:43 PM

Matt Miller on The Tyranny of Dead Ideas

An interview with Daniel Gross.

The Tyranny of Dead Ideas: Letting Go Of The Old Ways Of Thinking To Unleash A New Prosperity.

The Big Money and Slate present "Everyday I Read the Book," featuring Daniel Gross. Dan's guest today is Matt Miller, a contributing editor at Fortune, host of public radio's Left, Right and Center, and author of the new book The Tyranny of Dead Ideas: Letting Go of the Old Ways of Thinking To Unleash a New Prosperity.

Daniel Gross is a longtime Slate contributor. His most recent book is Better, Stronger, Faster. Follow him on Twitter.

Win Rosenfeld is the multimedia producer for The Big Money.