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March 6 2000 3:00 AM

How to get support from Slate, plus our FAQ.

How to build
your ownversion of Slate.

How to get Slate as an eBook for your
Pocket PC.

How to
printall of Slate.

How to get Slate
via e-mail.

How to read Slate on your
Palm device.

How to print Today's Papers
while you sleep.

How to participate in Slate
reader discussions.

How to install the Slate

How to set Slate as your
home page.


MySlate lets you create a version of Slate containing only the stories you want, which you can print, read, listen to, or save.

You can read Slate as an eBook using Microsoft Reader, which works with desktop PCs, laptops, and Pocket PC devices. You can either use MySlate to pick only the articles you want or download everything we've published in the past seven days (click here).


Easily build your own custom-printed version of Slate on Paper, using MySlate. Simply select the stories you want to print, and print out your own version of Slate on Paper.

If you want to print out just one or two articles, another option is to select the Print icon on the article page while viewing the desired article on the Web.

Friday mornings, we publish Slate on Paper, a version of Slate formatted like a traditional magazine on 8 1/2-by-11-inch paper. We support two formats: Microsoft Word and HTML. Each takes about three minutes to download at 28.8K bps (half that at 56.6) and yields about 60-80 pages.

If you want to print the entire magazine, your best bet is to download Slate on Paper and print it offline.

Microsoft Word format: This version can be used with Microsoft Word 2000.

HTML format: Can be used with any browser and printed using the browser's print menu.

Note: Recent versions of most word processors can convert Microsoft Word documents; however, sometimes the formatting doesn't convert perfectly.


Sign up to receive our free daily e-mails with the latest headlines on Slate or your favorite Slate features. Or stop delivery of any of our e-mail services.

Download "Today's Papers" to your PalmPilot or hand-held Windows CE computer


Have "Todays Papers" delivered directly to your printer while you sleep.

Match wits with other Fraygrants on issues of the day. Most pieces in Slate conclude with an opportunity for readers to jump into "The Fray" and share their thoughts. The forum includes dozens of ongoing discussion "threads."


Download two Slate screensavers to decorate your desktop.

If you are using Internet Explorer on Windows 95 or higher, you can set Slate as your home page by clicking here and choosing Open It.