Permanent Record: Golden anniversary

Permanent Record: Golden Anniversary

Permanent Record: Golden Anniversary

A trove of 1920s report cards and the stories they tell.
Sept. 18 2011 2:40 PM

Permanent Record

Golden anniversary.

School of the Future teacher Jim Chin has saved a few artifacts from the building's previous incarnation as the Manhattan Trade School for Girls, including the 1952 edition of the school's yearbook, The Torch. The school was known as Mabel Dean Bacon Vocational School by that point—its fourth name. But the school's faculty and students hadn't forgotten their roots, because they realized 1952 marked the school's 50th anniversary, which was celebrated in the yearbook with several pages of before-and-after comparisons and historical reminiscences. (You can see more of this material here.)

It would be wonderful to find a yearbook dating back to the same period as my report cards. Unfortunately, the 1952 edition is the earliest one I've come across.

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