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Dec. 16 2000 1:32 AM


Columbia Journalism Review"Ten Best Editors 2000" Michael Kinsley, 2000


"Michael Kinsley has done great work all his life. Slate is a part of that record." 

Yahoo! Internet Life
"Best of the Best" Web Sites, January 1999

"When you don't have time to read the ramblings at Salon, try Slate, which is less self-conscious and more yuppified in a Washington-insider kind of way, but equally thought-provoking."

National Magazine Award Finalist
"General Excellence in New Media," 1999


"To honor an interactive publication that most effectively serves its intended audience and reflects an outstanding level of interactivity, journalistic integrity and service."

Brill's Content
"Best of the Web 1999," April 1999

"The insight, punch, and wit of a great magazine combined with the interactivity of the Web. Readers cited favorite columnists, including editor Michael Kinsley and Scott Shuger, author of 'Today's Papers,' a roundup with attitude."

"Best Political Cartoon Site," January 2001 readers and editors named Slate's cartoon site,, the best political cartoon coverage.