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Dec. 16 2000 1:33 AM


Newsweek magazine recently named Scott Shuger, author of "Today's Papers," one of its "Twenty Stars of the New News."


DavidHudson, Rewired
"The most interesting publication on the Web ... the editorial voice refuses to talk down to you."

Brit Hume and T.R. Reid, syndicated columnists
"Slate is a terrific magazine: timely, provocative, well-written."

Lou Dolinar, Long Island Newsday
"Slate's 'Today's Papers' page offers a witty and concise description of the contents of most newspapers. Besides giving you the relative play different stories receive, 'Today's Papers' is also an excellent summary of what has happened in the world up until around midnight, at which point most daily papers have been put to bed and published."

William F. Buckley Jr., New York Times Syndicate
"Slate's 'Today's Papers' is a lively off-shoot of Slate magazine. ... What Slate does for you at trifling cost is to give you every day by Internet a (sometimes saucy) account of the day's news events."


Frances Katz, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"Slate's continual experimentation and willingness to admit and learn from its mistakes is a breath of fresh air amid a sea of content developers endlessly pretending they have all the answers. Slate's willingness to throw anything up against the wall to see if it sticks makes it one of the most interesting Web ventures on the Web."

Columbia Journalism Review
"[Slate] is now part of the national discourse, home to top writers, and read eagerly by media buffs, wonks and just plain cyber-browsers."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"Its thoughtful political coverage and stable of experienced writers have transformed Slate from Microsoft's and Editor Michael Kinsley's goofy hobby to a Web site actually worth reading."

Online Journalism Review
"A unique blend of savvy media analysis, sharp political commentary and cultural criticism, Slate is now among the Web's most widely read magazines. …"

Business 2.0
"[A] lead in online campaign coverage during an election year when the Net finally figures to play a major role …"