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Dec. 16 2000 1:11 AM


Where can you find the smartest, savviest analysis of news, politics, and culture on the Web?


Look no further. Welcome to Slate.

Founded and edited by Michael Kinsley, Slate has delivered up-to-the-minute analysis, on-the-edge criticism, and off-the-cuff humor since its inception in 1996. Boasting a talented roster that blends press corps veterans with a new generation of online pundits, Slate features top-notch writing, with the interactivity only an online publication can provide.

Whether it's insightful commentary on the political landscape, smart criticism of the latest in high and low culture, straight talk on everything from food and wine to sports and money, Slate's the premier Web site for smart, savvy, wired readers. It's no wonder that Slate is the leading online magazine—with an unduplicated reach of over 2 million readers per month. (Source: Media Metrix.)

Slate posts new articles and features throughout each day, giving the site an up-to-the-minute timeliness that print magazines can't match. Slate's trademark irreverent and occasionally ironic sensibility sets it apart from today's vanilla-flavored media culture.

But Slate isn't just a source for top-flight journalism. Our readers become active participants in the discussion, posting their comments and feedback to "The Fray." And the user-friendly MySlate feature allows readers a variety of formats in which to enjoy Slate—selected articles can be read out loud, downloaded to an eBook reader, or printed in a two-column format that is pleasing to the eye.

The best in online journalism is a mere click away.

Slate. What Matters.