Slate’s mistakes for the week of Nov. 4.

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Nov. 4.

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Nov. 4.

Slate's mistakes.
Nov. 8 2013 4:30 AM


Slate’s mistakes.

In a Nov. 7 Counter Narrative, Tressie McMillan Cottom misspelled Ta-Nehisi Coates' first name.

In a Nov. 6 Bad Astronomy post, Phil Plait misstated that a typhoon is what a hurricane is called in the Southern Hemisphere. Typhoons are in the Pacific Ocean, hurricanes are in the Atlantic Ocean.

Due to an editing error, a Nov. 6 Future Tense blog post misstated that Delta gained permission to implement new FAA personal electronic device rules on "Nov. 1 1." It was on Nov. 1.


In a Nov. 6 History, Emily Bazelon misstated the timing of Mildred Harnack's death. She was executed two months after her husband, not 15 months after. Bazelon also wrote that then-Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri lost a bid for re-election to the House. He lost a bid for a Senate seat. Due to a production error, the credit for a photo of Arvid and Mildred Harnack misidentified the image's source. The photo was provided by the German Resistance Memorial Center.

In a Nov. 6 XX factor post, Amanda Marcotte gave incorrect exit polling numbers for how many people who make under $50,000 and over $100,00 a year voted for Terry McAuliffe. It was 54 percent and 49 percent respectively, not 37 percent and 43 percent.

In a Nov. 5 Frame Game, William Saletan misstated the date for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. They were in 2001, not 2011.

In a Nov. 5 Future Tense blog post, Ryan Gallagher incorrectly referred to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations as the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations.


In a Nov. 5 Outward, June Thomas misspelled Ron Woodroof’s last name.

In a Nov. 5 Politics, John Dickerson mistakenly referred to John McCain's last presidential campaign as having taken place in 2012. He last ran in 2008.

In a Nov. 5 Weigel blog post, David Weigel misspelled Loudoun County, Va. He also misspelled Houston Mayor Annise Parker's first name.

In the Nov. 4 Education, Rebecca Schuman mischaracterized a degree offered by Western Governors University. The school offers a B.S. in nursing to students who are already RNs.


In a Nov. 3 Behold, Jordan G. Teicher misspelled Emily Yoffe’s first name.

In a Nov. 1 Brow Beat, Aisha Harris misstated the name of the medical review journal referenced in Dallas Buyers Club as the Lancet Review. It’s called the Lancet.

In a Nov. 1 Great Moments in Military History, Eric Herschthal misstated that Philip Fithian, who commented on Lord Dunmore's Proclamation, was a Virginian. He was from New Jersey.  

In a Nov. 1 Jurisprudence, Emily Bazelon and Dahlia Lithwick misstated that the contraception mandate in Obamacare is losing 2–1 in the federal appeals courts. In fact it is tied 2–2. They also misstated that the D.C. Circuit ruled that the contraception mandate in Obamacare "trammels" the religious freedom of the company Freshway Foods, and conferred personhood on the company. The court found that the contraception mandate violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act because Freshway Foods is a closely held company, so the mandate violates the rights of its owners. The ruling effectively confers personhood on the company rather than directly doing so.

In an Oct. 24 Quora post, a photo of a Eurasian badger was misidentified as one of a honey badger. The photo has been replaced with one of a honey badger.

An Oct. 17 Brow Beat was corrected to suggest a scene from the movie 12 Years a Slave was drawn from the book. The article was originally accurate: Patsey’s plea for Northup to kill her was an invention of the movie. The original language has been restored.

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