Slate’s mistakes for the week of July 1.

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of July 1

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of July 1

Slate's mistakes.
July 5 2013 7:00 AM


Slate’s mistakes.

Red pen,Red Pen

Photo by Gabriela Insuratelu

In a July 2 "Double X," Cristina Nehring incorrectly stated that Lee Siegel lost his job at the New Republic for anonymously attacking readers who criticized his blog posts. Siegel was suspended, not fired, and his blog was shut down. He resumed writing for the magazine in April 2007. Also, the article originally misquoted the punctuation in a line from Siegel's New York Times essay. The sentence "My feeling is one of liberation" did not end in an exclamation point, but rather a period.

Due to a production error in a July 2 "Science," the lead photo for the article was incorrectly described in the caption as being of a great white shark. The photo has been replaced.

In a July 2 "Slatest" blog post, Mark Joseph Stern mistakenly referred to Ken Cuccinelli as Virginia's lieutenant governor. He is the state's attorney general.

In a July 2 “Weigel” blog post, David Weigel misspelled Tom Apodaca’s last name. He also wrote that Apodaca is chairman of the North Carolina state Senate's judiciary committee. He is the chairman of the rules committee.


In a July 2 "XX Factor" blog post, Amanda Hess stated that Panayiota Bertzikis was on a hike with her Coast Guard company when she was raped by a fellow shipman. She was on a hike only with the shipman, not with the company.

In a July 1 "Brow Beat" blog post, Forrest Wickman misidentified the Sherlock Holmes character John Watson as James Watson.

In a July 1 "DoubleX," Kira Peikoff misidentified the MCP as the Canadian national health care plan. It is the provincial health care plan for the province of Newfoundland.

In a July 1 “Weigel” blog post, David Weigel misspelled David Fahrenthold’s last name.

In a July 1 “Weigel” blog post, David Weigel misspelled David Rubenstein’s last name.

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