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June 23 1999 3:30 AM


Maureen Cosgrove (Copy Editor), Bryan Curtis (Assistant Editor), Josh Daniel (Managing Editor), Susan Daniels (Copy Editor), Jonathan Epstein (Software Development Engineer), Gretchen Evanson (Office Manager), Siân Gibby (Copy Editor), Jill Hunter Pellettieri (Assistant Editor), John Hynes (Software Design Engineer), Lori Johnson (Production Designer), Jodi Kantor (New York Editor), Sowmith Karkera (Software Development Engineer), Kathleen Kincaid (Design Director), Michael Kinsley (Editor), Cyrus Krohn (Associate Publisher), Dahlia Lithwick (Senior Editor), Scott Moore (Publisher), Timothy Noah (Senior Writer), Josh Payton (Graphic Designer), David Plotz (Washington Bureau Chief), Moira Redmond (Fray Editor), Oswaldo Ribas (Program Manager), William Saletan (Senior Writer), José Saura (Software Development Engineer), Jack Shafer (Deputy Editor), Igor Shames (Support Engineer), Scott Shuger (Senior Writer), Laurie Snyder (Copy Editor), JoAnne Spencer (Production Assistant), Chris Suellentrop (Deputy Washington Bureau Chief), June Thomas (Copy Chief), Johanna Trobough (Program Manager), Eliza Truitt (Associate Editor), Jacob Weisberg (Chief Political Correspondent).



Randy Cohen, Matt Cooper, David Edelstein, Matt Gaffney, Jeffrey Goldberg, David Greenberg, Margo Howard, Mickey Kaus, Steven E. Landsburg, Michael Lewis, Jennifer Mendelsohn, Nathan Myhrvold, Robert Neubecker, Robert Pinsky (Poetry Editor), Mark Alan Stamaty, Seth Stevenson, Inigo Thomas, Rob Walker, Robert Wright, Emily Yoffe.

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