The Audio Book Club on Anna Karenina.

The Audio Book Club on Anna Karenina.

The Audio Book Club on Anna Karenina.

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June 5 2008 7:05 AM

The Audio Book Club on Anna Karenina

Our critics discuss Leo Tolstoy's masterpiece.

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Anna Karenina.

This month, Stephen Metcalf, Troy Patterson, and Katie Roiphe take on Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, a sprawling novel about life and death, marriage and adultery, spiritual longing, and agriculture. What do the book-club participants make of the most famous study of infidelity in literature? It's Metcalf's favorite novel, Roiphe has read it four times, and although Patterson concedes that it's "perfect," he's the biggest detractor in the group. The book runs more than 850 pages, but this discussion lasts just 44 minutes.


If you'd like to get an early start on the next book-club selection, we've chosen Netherland, by Joseph O'Neill, which New York Times reviewer Dwight Garner described as "the wittiest, angriest, most exacting and most desolate work of fiction we've yet had about life in New York and London after the World Trade Center fell." We'll post that discussion in early July.

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