“The Bee” by Henri Cole.

“The Bee”

“The Bee”

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Jan. 15 2013 8:44 AM

“The Bee”

Pink flower.

Photograph by Susan Unterberg.

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                                                                          For Jamaica Kincaid

There’s a Bee
dying slowly
outside my


makes this awful
buzzing sound
which grows
longer as
the end nears,

I suppose.
The mysterious
process at work
within him/her
is disturbing,

like a warm
wet finger.
when you hear
a Bee,

the sound dissipates
as the Bee
flies away,
but this is just constant,
so constant I think,


Maybe this Bee
is stupidly in love
with me.
Or the buzzing
is inside

my head
and will become,
over time,
a friend—
a new kind

that doesn’t go away,
even after lots of sex—
my ear canal
growing receptive,
like a hard bud

to light,
or a vulva
to the perfect
Would we know

each other,
I wonder,
if our eyes met across
a crowded room?
I did not expect

to meet this Bee.
What else
could love be
but lots of buzzing—
or hate? 

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Henri Cole's most recent book is Touch, which received the Jackson Poetry Prize. He teaches at Ohio State University.