Peter W. Singer's advice for the next president (VIDEO).

Why the Next President Should Speak to Jon Stewart on a Regular Basis (Video)

Why the Next President Should Speak to Jon Stewart on a Regular Basis (Video)

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Advice for the next president.
May 23 2016 8:21 AM

Peter W. Singer's Advice for the Next President


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“There’s no one out there in the current media landscape who’s respected in the same way that maybe in the past like a Dan Rather or Peter Jennings might have been. Jon Stewart’s really one of the few who has that kind of stature,” New America Strategist Peter W. Singer says in the video above. “He’s shown that he’s been willing to ask hard questions, but also is viewed by the public in a way that is considered authentic.”

In the latest installment in a weekly series from Slate, 92Y, and New America, we hear from Singer—a political scientist, military expert, and author of Ghost Fleet—as he offers his advice for the next U.S. president. Each Monday this election season, we’ll publish a short video in which a policy maker, writer, or thinker gives the next commander in chief their best ideas for how to handle the highest office in the land.


Above, Singer elaborates on why the next president should speak to Stewart on a regular basis, as well as why it's imperative that the commander-in-chief empathize with the country's military spouses.