Taylor Swift: After battle with Apple Music, Taylor Swift puts 1989 album on the streaming platform

Taylor Swift Agrees to Put Her Latest Album on Apple Music

Taylor Swift Agrees to Put Her Latest Album on Apple Music

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June 25 2015 12:33 PM

Taylor Swift Agrees to Put Her Latest Album on Apple Music

No more bad blood between Swift and Apple?

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Taylor Swift is officially putting her wildly popular "1989" album on Apple Music, the singer announced via tweet Thursday. 


"After the events of this week, I've decided to put 1989 on Apple Music... and happily so," she posted.

Swift has been heralded with convincing Apple to change its policy around the new streaming service. Originally, Apple wasn't going to pay musicians any royalties during its three-month free trial period. But after the singer wrote a furious Tumblr post calling Apple's decision "shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company," Apple changed its mind. 

"Apple Music will pay artists for streaming even during customers' free trial period," company SVP Eddy Cue tweeted Sunday night. "We hear you @taylorswift13 and indie artists. Love, Apple."

Although Swift said she was "elated and relieved" upon Cue's announcement, this is the first confirmation that her own music will be available.  


However, Swift contends that she won't be entering into any exclusive contracts with Apple. The company has made it clear that it plans to use exclusive content as a way to draw people into the service, but has so far only announced a single Pharrell song in its roster.   

Swift may not be signing herself into exclusivity, but it doesn't sound like she'll be putting the album on Spotify. Last year, Swift snubbed the service, declaring that Spotify's free tier "devalued music" and didn't give a big enough cut to artists

"This is simply the first time it's felt right in my cut to stream my album," she tweeted.

The service launches June 30—every potential customer receives a three-month free trial before paying $9.99 a month.