Pokemon or cholesterol medication? A quiz.

Is it a Pokémon or a Cholesterol Medication? Take Our Quiz.

Is it a Pokémon or a Cholesterol Medication? Take Our Quiz.

The art of play.
July 24 2016 8:31 PM

Pokémon or Cholesterol Medication?

The most important quiz of our time.


Photo illustration by Slate. Images by Scott Olson/Getty Images and screenshot via Hulu.

For the uninitiated, the Pokémon franchise presents a special set of challenges—remembering the names of the adorable little monsters themselves. If you haven’t been following along for years, listening to people talk about their triumphs and failures in mobile-gaming sensation Pokémon Go—the Pokémon they captured, the others that got away—can feel like listening in on a foreign language. That’s mostly because those names are frequently so silly that they feel like obscure drug names.

With that in mind, we’re challenging you to take this quiz: Pokémon or cholesterol medication? If you can catch ’em all, congratulations! But never fear if you do poorly: It probably reflects well on your health.


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