NBA tattoos: An interactive guide to pro basketball players’ body art.

An Interactive Guide to NBA Players’ Tattoos

An Interactive Guide to NBA Players’ Tattoos

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June 6 2013 8:07 AM

Miami Ink

A team-by-team, player-by-player guide to tattoos in the NBA.

Tattoos will abound when the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs take to the court in the NBA Finals on Thursday. That’s especially true when it comes to Heat forward/center Chris Andersen, who appears to be submerged up to his chin in colorful ink. According to data from the NBA Tattoos Tumblr, which collects anecdotal evidence of basketball players’ body art, at least one-half the players playing for the NBA title have tattoos, and that’s just the ones we know about. Still, neither the Heat nor the Spurs can compete with the Hawks for the NBA tattoo championship—12 out of 15 of the Atlanta players have tattoos.

To learn about your home team’s tattoos, play around with Slate’s interactive guide below. Data and observations come from the NBA Tattoos Tumblr.

Percentage of Players Tattooed

Click a team for detailed information.

80%Atlanta Hawks

73%Portland Trail Blazers

73%Brooklyn Nets

67%Denver Nuggets

67%Los Angeles Lakers

67%New York Knicks

67%Phoenix Suns

67%Utah Jazz

67%Los Angeles Clippers

67%Boston Celtics

60%Miami Heat

60%Memphis Grizzlies

60%Cleveland Cavaliers

60%Chicago Bulls

60%Houston Rockets

53%Milwaukee Bucks

53%Oklahoma City Thunder

53%Golden State Warriors

50%Detroit Pistons

47%Toronto Raptors

47%Charlotte Bobcats

47%Washington Wizards

47%Minnesota Timberwolves

47%Philadelphia 76ers

43%Orlando Magic

40%San Antonio Spurs

40%Indiana Pacers

40%Dallas Mavericks

38%Sacramento Kings

33%New Orleans Hornets

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With Tattoos

Without Tattoos

Source: NBA Tattoos Tumblr. Tattoo descriptions used with permission.

Kimberly Thompson contributed to this report.

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