Build your own national anthem using Slate’s interactive.

Use Slate’s Interactive to Build Your Own National Anthem

Use Slate’s Interactive to Build Your Own National Anthem

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Feb. 6 2014 11:21 AM

Build Your Own National Anthem

Use Slate’s interactive to create an anthem for your city, neighborhood, business, or anything else.

US gold medalist Sarah Hughes
U.S. gold medalist Sarah Hughes listens to "The Star-Spangled Banner" on the podium after the women's figure skating event on Feb. 21, 2002, in Salt Lake City.

Photo by Jaques Demarthon/AFP/Getty Images

It’s the dream of every Olympian: win a gold medal and hear your country’s national anthem as you stand atop the podium with tears of joy streaming down your face. Every anthem is different, and the Sochi Games will give us the opportunity to hear patriotic tunes from all around the world. Drill down a bit further, and individual U.S. states have official songs extolling their verdant hills, luscious forests, and majestic mountains. But why stop there?

With Slate’s Anthem Generator, you can create a song that celebrates your city, neighborhood, apartment, company, or anything else. Just type in a place and we’ll do the rest, smashing together lyrics from 90 different anthems. It’ll be up to you, though, to come up with the melody.

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