DoubleX podcast: The autism cure, ethnic plastic surgery, and Srugim.

Do White Beauty Standards Still Rule?

Do White Beauty Standards Still Rule?

Slate’s weekly women’s roundtable.
Aug. 7 2014 1:18 PM

DoubleX Gabfest: “The Blepharoplasty” Edition

Listen to Slate’s show about the autism cure, ethnic plastic surgery, and the Israeli TV show Srugim.

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In this week’s Gabfest, Slate senior editor Hanna Rosin joins Outward editor June Thomas and New York editor Noreen Malone to discuss the autism cure and talk to Maureen O’Connor about her article on ethnic plastic surgery. Then Slate religion editor Miriam Krule joins the conversation on Srugim, the Israeli television show about living and dating in Jerusalem.

  • Some of the items discussed in the episode:
  • Ruth Padawer’s article on the autism cure.
  • Maureen O’Connor’s piece on ethnic plastic surgery.
  • Willa Paskin’s Slate review of Srugim.
  • Srugim is available on Amazon and Hulu.

DoubleX recommendations:

June recommends the TV show Defiance on the Syfy channel. It takes place in the future after an invasion of alien culture. It has gotten so much better in the second season that it is as good as Battlestar Galactica.


Noreen recommends the documentary Elaine Stritch Shoot Me. Stritch is a delightful old broad and by the end you will want to be just like her.

Hanna suggests Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being, a novel about a woman who finds a Japanese teenager’s diary that has washed ashore in a Hello Kitty lunch box.

Miriam recommends three Ohad Knoller films Yossi, Yossi and Jagger, and The Bubble. If you want to learn to love Ohad Knoller (who plays Nati on Srugim), you should watch these movies. It may require watching all three.

DoubleX plugs:

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Noreen Malone is a senior editor at New York Magazine.

Hanna Rosin is the co-host of NPR’s Invisibilia and a founder of DoubleX. She is also the author of The End of Men. Follow her on Twitter.

June Thomas is managing producer of Slate podcasts.