The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest news from the president's profile.
Feb. 25 2010 4:18 PM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

The health care summit, CPAC, and Robert Gibbs' tweets.

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Barack Obama invited Republicans to the event Health Care Summit.
This event has 0 confirmed guests.
Maybe attending: 219 people.
Paul Ryan
I'd learn more watching "General Hospital." Which also happens to be what I'm doing then.
Barack Obama posted a note: New Health Care Reform Plan.
Mitch McConnell
How is this different?
Robert Gibbs
You know. Healthier, reformier.
Evan Bayh won't be running for re-election.
Evan Bayh posted the note: "Three Ways To Fix Congress in My Absence."
Harry Reid
Hey thanks Evan, here's some legislation I drafted based on your ideas:
Mitch McConnell created the group Reduce the Deficit!
Barack Obama created the group Committee To Reduce the Deficit.
Mitch McConnell
You know who else created committees? Stalin.
Seth MacFarlane posted the video Down Syndrome Girl.
Bristol Palin
Stop making a mockery of our family!
E! posted an article: Bristol Palin To Star in "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."
Politico posted an article: "The Public Option: It's Alive!"
Jim Vandehei
And … a billion hits. OK, boys, shut it down.
Politico posted an article: "Public Option Dead Again."
Ron Paul won the CPAC straw poll.
Ron Paul
First, destroy the IRS!
CNN posted an article: "Man Flies Plane Into Austin IRS Building."
Ron Paul
ESPN posted the video "Curling."
Rahm Emanuel
What is this, hockey for retards?
Rahm Emanuel is meeting with both the Winter Olympics and the Special Olympics.
Politico posted an article: "Jobs Bill: Democrats Warm to Ramming It Through."
Politico posted an article: "House Democrats Hand Jobs Bill to Senate."
Politico posted an article: "Democrats Blow Jobs Bill."
Nancy Pelosi
Who is writing these headlines?
John McCain recommended that J.D. Hayworth add Jack Abramoff as a friend.
John McCain posted the video "J.D. Hayworth: Birther?"
John McCain created the group Can This Ball of Discarded Ear Wax Get More Fans Than J.D. Hayworth?.
Scott Brown joined the group U.S. Senators.
Mitch McConnell
Welcome, you reliable conservative you!
Harry Reid posted the note: "Jobs Bill."
Mitch McConnell
Et tu, Scott?
Scott Brown
Sorry, no hablo.
ESPN posted the video "Georgian Olympian Crashes Fatally on Luge Course."
Saxby Chambliss
This is a terrible loss for America, and Georgia.
Dick Cheney is in the hospital.
Bill Clinton is in the hospital.
Bob Dole is in the hospital.
Bill Clinton
Care to make it interesting?
Bob Dole
I've technically been dead for seven years, so you'd win. Again.
Tiger Woods posted a note on America's Wall: I will wear you out…
Robert Gibbs has joined Twitter.
Robert Gibbs Two announcements. The president and first lady will welcome President Sarkozy of France to the White House on Tuesday. France is an invalua
Robert Gibbs Hm.
Robert Gibbs #sarkozyFTW
New York Post posted an article: "New York Times Sitting on Paterson Bombshell."
Nick Denton
He's a swinger!
Lloyd Grove
He's dying!
Chris Matthews
He can see!
The New York Times posted the article: "BREAKING: Paterson Aide Has Mildly Sketchy Past."
Ed Meese III posted a note: "Mt. Vernon Statement (Large Print)."
Edwin Fuelner
Can we make it any bigger?
Dick Cheney posted a note: "Barack Obama, Soft on Terror."
The New York Times posted an article: "Taliban Number 3 captured in Pakistan."
Dick Cheney posted a note: "Barack Obama, Soft on Zoo Attacks."
Dick Cheney
Republicans are attending Health Care Summit.
John Boehner
Well, the scones were warm.

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