The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook feed.

The latest news from the president's profile.
Oct. 30 2009 3:40 PM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fox News, and Joe Biden's Halloween costume.

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The Senate is considering health care.
The Senate is considering health care.
The Senate is considering health care.
Barack Obama
Consider faster.
Nancy Pelosi became a fan of the Robust Public Option.
Olympia Snowe became a fan of the Trigger Public Option.
Harry Reid became a fan of the Opt-Out Public Option..
Tom Coburn became a fan of the Opt-In Public Option..
Jim DeMint became a fan of the Trigger-Out Public Option..
Rahm Emanuel
That's not even real.
Jim DeMint
Sounds good though, right?
Hamid Karzai created the event Election Runoff.
Richard Holbrooke
Hillary Clinton
Just be careful. We don't want to look like we're interfering.
The Central Intelligence Agency sent Ahmed Wali Karzai a gift.
The New York Times posted a video: "Swine flu vaccine running low."
Barack Obama
Don't worry, there's plenty to go around.
John Boehner
Good, because I'm getting a shot today.
Barack Obama
Oh, look, we just ran out.
Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a note on Tom Ammiano's Wall:
Sorry if I offended you, Tom. It was immature and
Unprofessional of me to write you a note with a hidden
Code buried in it. I hope you'll
Kindly forgive me. It was a
Mean stunt, and
You deserve
Better. I hope we can
Agree to
Let this one
Arnold. P.S.—You should really
Come over for dinner some time. Maria makes heavenly
The Washington Post posted an article: "Poll: Creigh Deeds Down 11 Points in Virginia."
Creigh Deeds created the event Rally With Bill Clinton!
Bill Clinton
Carl Deeds is one of the best Democrats I know.
Creigh Deeds poked 120,894 people.
David Axelrod
That's your campaign strategy?
Creigh Deeds
Got any better ideas?
Playgirl tagged Levi Johnston in a photo album:
Sarah Palin
Desperate, attention-seeking money grab.
Iowa Jefferson-Jackson Dinner sent Sarah Palin a gift: Speaking Invitation
Sarah Palin
Aren't you forgetting something?
Iowa Jefferson-Jackson Dinner sent Sarah Palin a gift: $100,000
Dick Cheney posted a note: "Barack Obama Is Dithering in Afghanistan."
Barack Obama
I'm sorry, what was the last eight years?
Dick Cheney
Strategic nonimplementation.
The Republican Party added NY-23 to its Interests.
Newt Gingrich created the group Dede Scozzafava for Congress
Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty, Fred Thompson, Rick Santorum, and Steve Forbes created the group Republicans Against Dede Scozzafava
Sarah Palin
Loves abortions.
Tim Pawlenty
Supports gays.
Fred Thompson
Hard to spell.
Hillary Clinton So who's got a Halloween costume?
Tim Geithner
I'm going as my Wall Street Journal stipple portrait.
Olympia Snowe
I'm thinking zombie slut.
Joe Biden
Barack and I are going as buddy cops.
Barack Obama
We are?
Robert Gibbs
No. You're not.
Chris Christie posted an article: "Christie: 'Man Up and Say I'm Fat.'"
Jon Corzine
I did not say you were fat. I said the bulging enormity of your ethical transgressions will weigh down New Jersey if you're elected.
Politico posted an article: "Exclusive: Rep. Steve Rothman To See Jersey Boys for Birthday."
Jim Vandehei
Morning: Won.
Huffington Post suggested you become a fan of HuffPost Boobs.
Newsweek posted an note: "Special Issue: How We Jerk Off Now."
Fox News posted an article: "Barack Obama: Shameful Fraud or Miserable Failure?"
Robert Gibbs
That's not news.
Fox News posted an article: "Barack Obama's War on Fox News."
Robert Gibbs
Guys, I'm serious, can we not act like 9-year-old boys?
Fox News posted an article: "Gibbs to Fox: 'I ... Like 9-Year-Old Boys.'"
Associated Press posted an article: "Poll: Fewer believe in global warming."
Al Gore
I have failed.
Dick Cheney
Alex Rodriguez created the event October Flameout.
Derek Jeter is attending.
Creigh Deeds is attending.
The Washington Post tagged an Jack Murtha in an article: "Ethics Investigation Targets Dozens of Lawmakers."
Jack Murtha
All I'm saying is, rural Pennsylvania needs its own Pentagon.
Barack Obama Happy Halloween, everybody!
Edward Kennedy
Oooooo, I'm Ted Kennedy, ooooo!
Robert Gibbs
Goddammit Joe, is that you?
Edward Kennedy
What? Joe who?
Robert Gibbs
Someone lock that account. Joe, my office.


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