Putin-Kraft: Russian president proposes Super Bowl ring compromise.

Putin Proposes Putin-Like Super Bowl Ring Compromise

Putin Proposes Putin-Like Super Bowl Ring Compromise

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June 21 2013 4:30 PM

Putin Doesn't Know Anything About a Stolen Super Bowl Ring. Still, He Has a Solution.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin looks at Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel as they attend an International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, on June 21, 2013

Photo by Mikhail Klimentyev/AFP/Getty Images

Vladimir Putin has no idea what everyone's talking about in regards to a stolen Super Bowl ring. Nonetheless, the Russian president has an idea about how to put the whole controversy to rest. Via Reuters:

"You know, I remember neither Mr Kraft nor a ring," Putin said when asked about the incident during an economic forum on Friday in St Petersburg - the city where the ring saga started.
"I remember some souvenirs were handed out. But if it is so precious to Kraft and the team, I have a proposal," Putin said - he would ask a Russian jeweler to make "something really good, noticeable - so that it is clear that it is an expensive thing, with good metal and a stone."
The Russian ring could "be handed down from generation to generation of the team that Mr Kraft represents", he said, and would be "the smartest, most partner-like solution to this difficult international issue."

I have nothing to add to that, but the Internet tells me there is only one way to analyze any development involving the Patriots so: I wonder what this means for Tim Tebow...

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