Slatest PM: Police Wonder if Tamerlan Killed Ex-Roommate

Slatest PM: Police Wonder if Tamerlan Killed Ex-Roommate

Slatest PM: Police Wonder if Tamerlan Killed Ex-Roommate

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April 22 2013 4:55 PM

Slatest PM: Police Wonder if Tamerlan Killed His Ex-Roommate

Tamerlan Tsamaev (R) and Lamar Fenner (L) stand during a decision in the 201-pound division boxing match during the 2009 Golden Gloves National Tournament of Champions May 4, 2009 in Salt Lake City

Photo by Glenn DePriest

Dzhokhar Is Facing the Death Penalty: Associated Press: "Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was charged in his hospital room Monday with using a weapon of mass destruction to kill, and he could face the death penalty if convicted. Tsarnaev, 19, was accused by federal prosecutors of joining with his older brother to set off the two pressure-cooker bombs that sprayed shrapnel into the crowd at the finish line last Monday, killing three people and wounding more than 180. The criminal complaint containing the charges shed no light on the motive for the attack."

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Did Tamerlan Kill a Rommate in 2011? ABC News: "In the wake of the revelations about the violent nature of accused marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, investigators in the Boston suburbs tell ABC News they are probing whether he may have been involved in an unsolved grisly triple homicide of a former roommate and two others. The murders took place around the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. ... Tsarnaev, the alleged bombing mastermind who died in a fierce gun battle with police early Friday morning, had been training with one of the 2011 murder victims in an attempt to transition from boxing into a possible career in the brutal sport of mixed-martial arts. The victims were found in a Waltham, Massachusetts apartment. They had their throat slashed, their heads nearly decapitated. Their mutilated bodies were left covered with marijuana."

Timeline: Boston Globe: "Previously, investigators had said that Brendan Mess, 25, along with Erik Weissman, 25, and Raphael Teken, 37, were killed on Sept. 12, 2011, in Mess’s apartment on Harding Street, a quiet residential street in Waltham. ... But the relative interviewed by the Globe said the murders took place the evening before, on Sept. 11, the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon." The murders happened after Tsarnaev was interviewed by the FBI, but before he made his six-month trip to Russia.


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Good News: Associated Press: "In a rebuttal to the terrorists and a tribute to stellar medical care, all of the more than 180 people injured in the Boston Marathon blasts one week ago who made it to a hospital alive now seem likely to survive. That includes several people who arrived with legs attached by just a little skin, a 3-year-old boy with a head wound and bleeding on the brain, and a little girl riddled with nails. Even a transit system police officer whose heart had stopped and was close to bleeding to death after a shootout with the suspects now appears headed for recovery. ... Three people did die in the blasts, but at the scene, before hospitals even had a chance to try to save them. ... The only person to reach a hospital alive and then die was one of the suspected bombers — 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev."

More Good News: NESN: Watertown Police Department Chief Ed Deveau says that Richard Donahue, the Boston transit officer who was wounded in the gunfight with the brothers, is "getting stronger every day."


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Canada's Own Terror Scare: NBC News: "Canadian security forces say they have thwarted a plot to blow up a rail line between Canada and the United States and announced two arrests on Monday afternoon. Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers said the suspects, who are alleged to have al-Qaeda connections, had sought to attack a passenger train. Canadian officials worked closely with the FBI throughout the investigation, which began last year. Though security officials say the men had the capacity to attack, 'there was no imminent threat to the public, rail employees, train passengers or infrastructure.'"

Gitmo Hunger Strike Spreads: Reuters: "The U.S. military is sending additional medical personnel to the Guantanamo prison camp, where more than half the captives have joined a hunger strike to protest their open-ended detention, a camp spokesman said on Monday. Reinforcements numbering fewer than 40 will arrive by the end of April, said Lieutenant Colonel Samuel House, a spokesman for the detention operation at the Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base in southeastern Cuba. House said the new arrivals would include a doctor, nurses, corpsmen and medics, who will supplement the 100 medical personnel already on duty. Navy hospital corpsmen and Army medics are trained to provide emergency care and basic medical services. ... The U.S. military counted 84 of the 166 prisoners as hunger strikers on Monday and was force-feeding 16 of them liquid meals through tubes inserted in their noses and down into their stomachs. Six were hospitalized for observation, House said."

Most Wanted No Longer: CBS News: "Police in Nicaragua have detained Eric Justin Toth, a child-porn suspect and one of the FBI's ten most-wanted fugitives.The head of detectives for Nicaragua's National Police force says Toth was detained near the Honduran border. ... The former Washington D.C. elementary school teacher faces accusations he possessed and produced child pornography. He lost his teaching job in 2008 after another teacher found images of child pornography on a school camera in Toth's possession. He then disappeared. The FBI had offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the 31-year-old Toth."

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