Google Glass and porn: James Deen is in a MiKandi produced film.

The First-Ever Google Glass Porn Trailer

The First-Ever Google Glass Porn Trailer

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July 24 2013 10:26 AM

The First-Ever Google Glass Porn Trailer

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Pornstar Jame Deen in the first porn filmed through Google Glass.

Still from “First-Ever Google Glass Porn” on YouTube

The trailer for the first porn filmed with Google Glass has finally arrived. It’s only been a matter of time before the notoriously tech-savvy porn industry used the new device to their advantage. While the trailer doesn’t contain any nudity, it’s certainly risqué and NSFW. (Find it here.)

The film was created by XBIZ and the founders of MiKandi—the company that tried to create the Glass porn app “Tits and Glass” before it was struck down by Google’s policy. The yet-to-be-named production—though I’m sure it will contain a pun of dubious quality—stars Andy San Dimas and everybody’s favorite porn superstar James Deen. Using Glass for porn is certainly gimmicky, but it could also provide a very different experience to fanatics and casual watchers alike.


In an intriguing Medium essay titled “I Banged James Deen #ThroughGlass,” Arikia Millikan, founder of the blog LadyBits, provides a behind-the-scenes look at the filming and subsequent watching via Glass of the porno. You see, Millikan was in the fortunate position of not only being invited by MiKandi to hang out on the set, but having James Deen wear her pair of Glass during the shoot. After everything wrapped up and Millikan and the owner of the other pair, an app developer, got their Glasses back, they “realized that because James Deen wore my Glass during the shoot and Andy had worn the developer’s, we each had the footage they recorded, not the footage recorded of them.” So, they promptly switched pairs and sat back to enjoy the extremely point-of-view style porn as it was beamed directly into their retinas through the Glass video playback.

The experience surprised Millikan. “I felt James Deen’s penetrating gaze looking deep into my soul as he hovered over me on that levitating projector screen in my eye,” she writes. The use of Glass was more than just a gimmick—to Millikan it signaled a visceral new twist on watching porn. As she puts it, “We’d all just test piloted the next wave of VR sex that would enable anyone with the means and the will to virtually fuck the lover of their dreams.”

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