Beyoncé 711 Music Video: The singer films herself dancing in the bathroom, balcony, and hotel hallway (VIDEO).

Another Day, Another Brilliant, Out-of-the-Blue Beyoncé Music Video

Another Day, Another Brilliant, Out-of-the-Blue Beyoncé Music Video

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Nov. 22 2014 11:15 AM

Beyoncé’s New Music Video Stars Her Backup Dancers, Some Bathroom Dancing, and a Selfie Stick

Yoncé on the balcony.

Still from Youtube

Many have danced to Beyoncé in the bathroom; few have done it like Queen Bey herself. The singer has a new, unusually candid music video, and it dropped in the most Beyoncé way possible—on a Friday, at night, without any announcement at all. The video is for “7/11,” one of two bonus tracks on the deluxe release of her most recent record. But don’t expect the intricate, lavishly produced feel of that “visual album”—this video looks more like what the biggest pop star in the world does on a free Friday with her friends, family, a few drinks, and a selfie stick.

That isn’t a criticism. The video is delightfully low-concept: Bey and her backup dancers nail some loose, spastic, pants-free choreography in august venues like the bathroom, balcony, and hotel hallway. Acrobatic cartwheels and synchronized twerks abound, but Beyoncé injects some dorkiness into her “woke up like this” image—at one point she dials her foot like a phone and screams into it, at another she playfully scales a human pyramid in pajamas. If that’s not enough, watch for the heartwarming Easter eggs, which include a quick glimpse of Blue on a bed and the first recorded footage of Jay Z doing a somersault.

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