Veronica Mars trailer: First official trailer from Kristen Bell movie.

Veronica Mars Movie Beginning to Resemble Veronica Mars the Show (in a Good Way)

Veronica Mars Movie Beginning to Resemble Veronica Mars the Show (in a Good Way)

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Jan. 3 2014 12:06 PM

Veronica Mars Movie Beginning to Resemble Veronica Mars the Show

Back in October, fans got a look at the upcoming Veronica Mars movie—sort of. A docu-trailer had the movie’s cast choosing between the title character’s love interests. Are you team Piz or team Logan? (As if that’s even a question!)

The four-minute fan-focused video had its charms, but what’s the movie really about? It was hard to say. But the official trailer premiered on E! Thursday night, and it doesn’t disappoint.


Veronica (Kristen Bell), is now a high-powered New York lawyer, and she tells Jamie Lee Curtis that she doesn’t do the P.I. stuff anymore. Cut to how perfect her life is—perfect job, perfect man. But  Logan needs help. The perfect chance to throw it all away!

The basic premise—Logan is accused of murder, Veronica decides to go back and help him—we knew already. But the trailer mercifully undersells the love triangle and returns to classic Veronica Mars tropes—and classic Veronica Mars characters. There’s the father-daughter banter that borders on inappropriate (I always thought they had the best sexual chemistry on the show); Max Greenfield is back as Leo D’Amato (the pre-Piz perfect boyfriend); and Dan Lamb (Jerry O’Connell), brother of loathed former Sherriff Don Lamb, extra slimy with his unwashed hair. We also get Dick (Ryan Hansen) being, well, you know.

But in a twist on the show’s first season, a seemingly straightforward death is covering up something bigger—and once again, an Echolls is at the center. Whereas in Season 1 Logan’s father was involved, we’re going to trust Veronica’s gut that the son, while guilty of many things, isn’t a murderer. The trailer doesn’t give many more details—but runaway cars, guns, and head-butts imply some greater conspiracy.

Oh, and Veronica finally gets to punch Madison. That alone was worth the seven-year wait.

Veronica Mars, the movie, comes out March 14.

Miriam Krule is a former Slate assistant editor.