Veronica Mars movie trailer: Rob Thomas knows what fans want to see. (Video)

The People Behind Veronica Mars Know What Their Fans Want

The People Behind Veronica Mars Know What Their Fans Want

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Oct. 29 2013 2:24 PM

The People Behind Veronica Mars Know What Their Fans Want

Even if you don’t know your Piz from your Logan, there’s a good chance you know about the record-breaking Veronica Mars Kickstarter. It’s the one that’s ruining movies, or maybe Kickstarter (or both). Or maybe it’s great news for TV fans—and women. No matter what you think, it’s definitely on its way. And, this week, fans who backed the project got a peek at what’s to come. Sort of.

The second docu-trailer—the first was released earlier this summer at Comic-Con—reveals little more about the plot than the diehards already knew. When the movie opens, Veronica (Kristen Bell) has moved away from Neptune and is happily with Piz (Chris Lowell). Then she gets called back to bail Logan (Jason Dohring) out of a jam. That’s basically the plot (give or take a Piz) of the first three seasons of the TV series. But instead of just leaving it there, this sneak preview devolves into officially sanctioned Internet fan fiction with the show’s actors and writers weighing in on the central love triangle: Veronica and Piz or Veronica and Logan.


It’s the story as old as time: Do you choose the good guy who treats you well or the bad guy with whom you have woof-worthy sex. It’s where the series nonfinale left off. It’s also part of what made Veronica Mars so successful. The other part, the part that differentiated it from the rom-com cliché and put it in a camp with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is just how kick-ass Veronica is—not only at solving crimes, but also, as Jessica Roake wrote earlier this year in Slate, playing on people’s low expectations of women and turning them on their head. The trailer acknowledges this, of course—she is going back home to solve a crime—and yet the focus is on the love triangle.

So is Veronica Mars better than this somewhat hilarious docu-trailer? Yes. Do the producers know what they’re doing? Of course. They may be baiting us with #TeamPiz vs. #TeamLogan, but, like any classic episode, the movie is sure to have some kick-ass detective work as well.

And besides, if it doesn’t work out with Piz or Logan, there’s always Schmidt. I hear he’s single.

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Miriam Krule is a former Slate assistant editor.