Best Web Videos of 2012: Watch essential video essay by Kevin B. Lee. (VIDEO)

Watch the Essential Web Videos of 2012

Watch the Essential Web Videos of 2012

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Dec. 28 2012 12:09 PM

The Essential Web Videos of 2012

Past Brow Beat contributor Kevin B. Lee, whose own excellent web videos we’ve highlighted before, has created a new one, highlighting what he considers the essential web videos of 2012. Rather than remix an assortment of highly clickable YouTube sensations, he has zeroed in on just five, among them “Girl Walk // All Day,” Mitt Romney’s notorious “47 percent” comments surreptitiously taped at a fundraiser, and a home movie of a six-year-old’s first ski jump—which, he says, persuasively, captured the “transformative drama of sport” better than any of the year’s Olympic highlights.

No. 4 is one I hadn’t seen before, some “user-generated weirdness” created with Skyrim and featuring “Macho Man” Randy Savage as a disco-loving dragon. But the last video was more familiar to me: it’s the very best of the many, many takes on one of 2012’s pop music megahits. If you missed it back in August, catch it before the year is over.

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