Community Returns on March 15: Read All of Slate’s Coverage of the NBC Sitcom

Read Slate’s Coverage of Community, Coming Back on March 15

Read Slate’s Coverage of Community, Coming Back on March 15

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Feb. 21 2012 4:22 PM

Catch Up with Community, Coming Back March 15

Still of Danny Pudi on Community.

Photo byLewis Jacobs– ©NBC Universal, Inc.

A little after 3 pm, Dan Harmon, the showrunner behind Community, tweeted the following:


Which makes us here at Brow Beat very happy. Last August, Bill Wyman wrote a piece for Slate about the Community episode “Paradigms of Human Memory,” which he called “the most insanely self-referential 22 minutes in sitcom history.” This season he began recapping the show here on the blog. When news broke that the show would go on “hiatus,” Wyman noted that the show would almost certainly be back, at least for a while: “Sony, the company that produces the sitcom,” Wyman pointed out, needs “the rest of the third season and even a fourth in order to create a large enough pool of episodes for syndicating,” meaning that it probably made little financial sense to kill the show now.


Looks like he was right. Let's hope that enough people now start watching to ensure that the show gets to do at least four seasons. (May we suggest six of them, plus a movie?) In the meantime, if you need to catch up with the series—or just want to relive some of its best moments—Wyman, during that hiatus, made a two-part list of his 10 favorite episodes.

And here's the great montage from that “insanely self-referential” episode, “Paradigms of Human Memory,” a speech that, if you haven't seen it before, will help introduce you to the show's very particular brand of humor.

Note: There is, apparently, a downside of sorts to this news. Parks and Recreation will now take a brief hiatus itself to make room for Community in the Thursday night lineup. But the future of that show does not seem to be in doubt, and this break reportedly will not result in any fewer episodes of the Amy Poehler sitcom. (Via Splitsider.) 

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