Mike Vuolo

Mike Vuolo is a radio and podcast producer and the host of Lexicon Valley.

Lexicon Valley
April 10 2014 11:09 AMThe Real Story Behind The New Yorker's "Pronoun Envy" Poem
Live at Politics & Prose
March 28 2014 12:14 PMFive Came BackMark Harris discusses his new book at Politics & Prose. 
Live at Politics & Prose
March 14 2014 1:32 PMWords Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy RiotMasha Gessen discusses her book at Politics & Prose in Washington, D.C.
Five-Ring Circus
Feb. 19 2014 4:12 PMSouth Korea’s Kim Yu-na Is Going for Gold. Or Is It Kim Yuna? Yuna Kim?
Lexicon Valley
Jan. 28 2014 11:32 AMLexicon Valley: Where Did the Word Dude Come From?
Lexicon Valley
Dec. 30 2013 10:52 AMWhy Is No Among a Child's First Words?Listen to Slate's show about the surprisingly complex taxonomy of simple negation.
Lexicon Valley
Dec. 10 2013 1:56 PMWill Learning a "Logical" Language Make You Think More Logically?Listen to Slate's show about an invented language that forces you to choose your words carefully.
Nov. 15 2013 10:30 AMWho Wrote JFK's Inaugural?Does it matter?
Lexicon Valley
Oct. 16 2013 2:00 PMWhat Happens When a Language Has No Numbers?
Cool Story
Oct. 1 2013 9:30 AMThe Birth of CoolCoul, coole, koole: How we got from cool temperatures to cool cats.
Lexicon Valley
Sept. 4 2013 11:30 AMHere Come the Word Nerds! Introducing Slate’s Language Blog, Lexicon Valley.
Brow Beat
July 24 2013 3:47 PMWhen Did "Bend You Over" Become a Sexual Phrase?
Lexicon Valley
June 17 2013 1:01 PMA Brief History of SwearingListen to Slate’s podcast about profanity and obscenity with author Melissa Mohr.
Lexicon Valley
Sept. 18 2012 2:40 PMWho You Callin’ A**hole?Slate’s show about Geoffrey Nunberg’s new book Ascent of the A-Word, now with transcripts.
Lexicon Valley
June 18 2012 3:51 PMDoes Your Writing Style Have a Fingerprint?Listen to Slate’s show about the surprising way mathematicians can determine authorship.
Live at Politics & Prose
April 7 2014 10:27 AMWalter Kirn Discusses Blood Will Out, His New Book
Live at Politics & Prose
March 21 2014 1:36 PMDinaw Mengestu on All Our Names, His New Novel
Lexicon Valley
March 14 2014 10:09 AMOur Next Witness, Your Honor: The DictionaryListen to Slate’s show about court cases in which the dictionary played a starring role.
Lexicon Valley
Jan. 29 2014 3:56 PMWhen Is Masturbation Onanism? (When It Makes the News.)
Lexicon Valley
Dec. 30 2013 11:17 AMLet's Resolve in the New Year to Stop Using That Expression About Breaking Eggs and Making Omelets
Lexicon Valley
Dec. 17 2013 12:45 PMThe Crowdsourcing of JFK’s Most Iconic SpeechListen to Slate's show about the crafting of President Kennedy’s inaugural address.
Lexicon Valley
Nov. 21 2013 12:08 PMThe Germans Have a Word for It: Reißverschlusssystem
Lexicon Valley
Nov. 7 2013 2:10 PMWatch This 1925 Silent Film About the Creation, Literally, of the OED
Lexicon Valley
Oct. 3 2013 12:41 PMLMAO: A History That Dates Back to Dickens
Lexicon Valley
Sept. 23 2013 4:13 PMThe Most Controversial Dictionary Ever Published
Lexicon Valley
Aug. 6 2013 8:30 PMGrammar Scolds Unite!Embracing the hand-slapping, prescriptivist schoolmarm in all of us.
Lexicon Valley
July 1 2013 1:16 PMCan Geography Affect Language?The uncanny correlation between altitude and language development.
Lexicon Valley
Nov. 1 2012 1:27 PMHow Jews Grew HornsListen to Slate’s show about the all-important role that language translation (and mistranslation) plays in our lives.
Lexicon Valley
July 2 2012 2:42 PMTalking About the Past in the Present TenseListen to Slate’s show about Seinfeld’s masterful use of a time-honored narrative technique.
Lexicon Valley
June 11 2012 9:57 AM“Lord Grantham, Don Draper’s on Hold”The algorithm that finds anachronisms in Downton Abbey, Mad Men, and Edith Wharton.




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  News & Politics
Sept. 21 2014 11:34 PM People’s Climate March in Photos Hundreds of thousands of marchers took to the streets of NYC in the largest climate rally in history.
Business Insider
Sept. 20 2014 6:30 AM The Man Making Bill Gates Richer
Sept. 22 2014 8:07 AM Why Haven’t the Philadelphia Eagles Ever Won a Super Bowl?
  Double X
The XX Factor
Sept. 19 2014 4:58 PM Steubenville Gets the Lifetime Treatment (And a Cheerleader Erupts Into Flames)
  Slate Plus
Sept. 22 2014 8:08 AM Slate Voice: “Why Is So Much Honey Clover Honey?” Mike Vuolo shares the story of your honey.
Sept. 21 2014 9:00 PM Attractive People Being Funny While Doing Amusing and Sometimes Romantic Things Don’t dismiss it. Friends was a truly great show.
Future Tense
Sept. 22 2014 7:47 AM Predicting the Future for the U.S. Government The strange but satisfying work of creating the National Intelligence Council’s Global Trends report.
  Health & Science
Bad Astronomy
Sept. 22 2014 5:30 AM MAVEN Arrives at Mars
Sports Nut
Sept. 18 2014 11:42 AM Grandmaster Clash One of the most amazing feats in chess history just happened, and no one noticed.