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Jack Shafer was Slate's editor at large. You can follow him on Twitter or email him at Shafer.Reuters@gmail.com.

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Aug. 19 2011 5:47 PMPrint vs. OnlineThe ways in which old-fashioned newspapers still trump online newspapers.
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Aug. 17 2011 4:11 PMWolf Blitzer, Null SetThe CNN anchor remains the standard reference unit of dullness.
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Aug. 10 2011 6:20 PMBloggers, Not Parasites An academic finds local public-affairs bloggers who pull their weight, thank you very much.
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July 20 2011 6:32 PMMurdoch's EnemiesThe wrong and the right reasons for hating the media mogul.
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July 15 2011 4:55 PMRelease the Lachlan!And the Elisabeth! How Murdoch will get out of this jam.
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July 11 2011 6:12 PMMurdoch To Buy the Daily ProphetThe dark lord of media has his eyes on a magical property.
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July 7 2011 5:43 PMMurdoch Pulls the Ultimate "Reverse Ferret"The real meaning of the News of the World closure.
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July 5 2011 7:15 PMRupert Murdoch Meets His AhabNick Davies and the Guardian spear the media mogul.
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June 29 2011 6:20 PMHyperloco, Part 2More about Patch and the other hyperlocal news sites.
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June 27 2011 6:18 PMAl Gore, Press CriticA washed-up politician finds a new venue for his ideas.
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June 24 2011 6:33 PMHow Anonymous Sources Are Like Whitey BulgerYou can never be sure they're telling you the truth.
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June 17 2011 6:58 PMThe Dope on Synthetic PotBloomberg BusinessWeek files a dandy drug-capitalism story.
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June 15 2011 6:56 PMOutrageous! Unethical! Sometimes Criminal!Can anyone—or anything—stop the British tabloids from misbehaving?
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June 13 2011 6:42 PMThe $15,000 InterviewSo what if NBC News and other outlets pay their sources? There are journalistic problems with unpaid sources, too.
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June 6 2011 7:15 PMAnthony Weiner's Semantic SatiationThe sexting doesn't bother me. The copious apologies on top of the pile of lies do.
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Aug. 18 2011 5:04 PMAn Assignment for the Wall Street Journal Editorial Page About that phone-hacking scandal …
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Aug. 16 2011 6:53 PMMurdoch's Metastasizing MigraineNew phone-hacking-scandal evidence surfaces.
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Aug. 9 2011 6:12 PMTina Brown, Cover GirlMichele Bachmann is the target, but it's Newsweek's editor who gets wounded.
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July 19 2011 6:12 PMWho Framed the Murdochs?Rupert Murdoch and James Murdoch pretend they're the victims of unscrupulous employees.
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July 13 2011 6:26 PMThe Huffington Post ChallengeThe legacy media continue to ignore the lesson the aggregation giant is teaching.
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July 8 2011 7:05 PMRupert Murdoch, Paper TigerThe phone-hacking scandal undoes the media mogul.
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July 6 2011 7:20 PMRupert Murdoch, Film Noir VillainAnd Nick Davies as the hard-boiled hero in The Big Phone Hacker.
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July 1 2011 6:26 PMBeck OffRupert Murdoch and Fox News mark the depths to which even they will no longer descend.
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June 28 2011 6:42 PMHyperlocoWhy I find AOL's Patch sites so off-putting.
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June 27 2011 10:39 AMWhy Newspapers Have Gone to HellNo, the answer cannot be found in the reductionist explanation by experienced newsman James O'Shea.
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June 23 2011 10:50 AMWho Is Jose Antonio Vargas?A prominent journalist comes out as an illegal immigrant, raising additional questions about his real identity.
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June 16 2011 7:01 PMWho I Follow on Twitter and WhyAnd who I don't follow on Twitter and why.
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June 14 2011 6:53 PMHow To Be a Lesbian BloggerTom MacMaster and Bill Graber show the way.
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June 7 2011 6:19 PM"I Would Have Loved To Piss on Your Shoes," Part 2More F.U. gestures directed at bosses by journalists who were fired or resigned.
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June 6 2011 6:57 AM"I Would Have Loved To Piss on Your Shoes"What Mark Schlueb and other fired or resigned journalists wrote to their bosses on the way out.




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