Jack Shafer

Jack Shafer was Slate's editor at large. You can follow him on Twitter or email him at Shafer.Reuters@gmail.com.

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March 4 2011 4:34 PMBeat Sweetener: West Wing EditionThe New York Times slathers sweet sauce all over the White House's new stuffed animals.
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March 2 2011 6:16 PMBack Scratching, Washington StyleThe saga of Rep. Darrell Issa's now-fired spokesman illustrates how the Washington reporter-source relationship works.
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March 1 2011 12:32 PMPolitico's Editor OverreactsJohn F. Harris, go soak your head.
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Feb. 2 2011 6:02 PMMurdoch's DailyShowRupert Murdoch has the money to make his tablet publication, The Daily,succeed. Does he have the patience?
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Jan. 13 2011 7:32 PMJared Loughner's World of Illusion … and OursThe accused Tucson killer isn't the only one who has a love affair with alternative realities.
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Jan. 11 2011 2:10 PMJared Loughner, Ready for His Photo OpThe bald head. The calculated zombie grin. The living avatar of evil.
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Jan. 8 2011 5:49 PMThe Giffords ShootingRolling thoughts about the press, the Web, and political assassination.
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Jan. 6 2011 4:00 PMShafer on WikiLeaksJack Shafer keeps tabs on Julian Assange's big idea.
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Jan. 6 2011 12:00 AMThe 1,000 Faces of Julian AssangeVanity Fair portrays the WikiLeaks founder as a shrewd negotiator and master shape-shifter.
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Dec. 23 2010 3:07 PMIf the FCC Had Regulated the InternetA counterfactual history of cyberspace.
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Dec. 16 2010 6:55 PMMichael Bloomberg, American GodHe speaks. You listen.
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Dec. 13 2010 3:57 PMNixon's Jewish ProblemSpeaking from the grave, Richard Nixon talks trash about members of the tribe once again.
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Dec. 9 2010 2:10 PMIn Defense of Fox NewsIf using the phrase government option is spinning the news, so is using public option.
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Dec. 7 2010 1:53 PMJulian Assange's Great LuckWhy his arrest and jailing in the United Kingdom is good news for him.
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Dec. 1 2010 5:29 PMBreaking Up With HotmailWhy I'm ending my longest online relationship.
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March 3 2011 6:42 PMCredit ScoreWhat's with the New York Times Magazine adding editor credits to the end of features?
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March 1 2011 6:23 PMThe Frank Rich SwitchUnless they're paying beaucoup bucks, his transfer to New York makes no sense to me.
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Feb. 7 2011 1:30 PMSEO SpeedwagonThe rapid rise and sale of Arianna Huffington's Post.
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Jan. 18 2011 3:57 PMJack Shafer Gives Unsolicited AdviceTips for Tina Brown, Diane Sawyer, Marcus Brauchli, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, and others.
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Jan. 12 2011 5:38 PMWhat the Press Reports When It Has Little To ReportAssessing the Day 4 newspaper coverage of the Giffords shootings.
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Jan. 9 2011 12:24 PMIn Defense of Inflamed RhetoricThe awesome stupidity of the calls to tamp down political speech in the wake of the Giffords shooting.
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Jan. 7 2011 6:06 PMThe Unsweetened William M. DaleyThe press neither flatters nor captures Obama's new chief of staff.
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Jan. 6 2011 1:39 PMDeadly ImagesA Q&A with Barbie Zelizer, author of About To Die: How News Images Move the Public.
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Dec. 29 2010 3:57 PMFloyd Abrams Whizzes on WikiLeaksThe First Amendment litigator disparages Julian Assange's secret-busting enterprise.
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Dec. 21 2010 5:42 PMWhose Internet Is It, Anyway?The FCC's new "net neutrality" rules only muddle the picture.
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Dec. 14 2010 5:51 PMStupid Drug Story of the WeekThe nutmeg scare.
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Dec. 10 2010 4:21 PMA Times Assortment of Bogus Trend StoriesThe New York Times discovers bogus trends in home bartending, ID theft, park rangers, and rebelling moms.
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Dec. 8 2010 5:38 PMWant Web Privacy? Pay for It.Don't expect the government or the software giants to stop the Web snoops from tracking you.
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Dec. 2 2010 5:07 PMJournalists on DrugsA free pamphlet about illicit pharmaceuticals that every reporter should download.
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Nov. 30 2010 5:48 PMWhy I Love WikiLeaksFor restoring distrust in our most important institutions.




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