Drew Magary

Drew Magary is a Deadspin columnist and author of the book Men With Balls: The Professional Athlete's Handbook.

The XX Factor
May 17 2013 4:03 PMCounterpoint: Please Don't Leave Your Stupid Kid at the Park
Sports Nut
Sept. 24 2012 1:35 PMNFL 2012The scab refs and the NFL slide deeper into incompetence.
Sports Nut
Sept. 14 2011 12:57 PMIs This the NFL's Juiced Ball Era?
Hang Up And Listen
Oct. 26 2009 4:42 PMHang Up and Listen, the Early Winter Classic EditionListen to Slate's podcast about the week in sports.
Sports Nut
Oct. 8 2012 4:15 PMNFL 2012Robert Griffin III is the quarterback of the future of the past.
Sports Nut
Oct. 17 2011 5:30 PMNFL 2011

Why you have to kick to Devin Hester.

Sports Nut
Sept. 12 2011 3:00 PMThe NFL Goes Out of Its Way to Make People Look Stupid
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