Dan Check
Dan Check

Dan Check is president and vice chairman of The Slate Group. Follow him on Twitter.

The Works
Feb. 12 2019 8:00 AMIntroducing Supporting Cast, Slate’s Podcasting Membership PlatformOur new service lets other podcasters offer paid shows just for subscribers, like Slate Plus.
Mom and Dad Are Fighting
July 2 2015 11:02 AMMom and Dad Are Fighting: The Dad and Dad Are Fighting Edition Listen to Slate’s parenting podcast on gay parenting, marriage equality, and the difficulties of taking parenting advice. 
The Slatest
Nov. 6 2012 10:18 PMWhat the Census Could Learn from the Vote
Map of the Week
Feb. 16 2012 5:20 PMMormons in AmericaWhere the country’s largest homegrown religion thrives—and where it doesn’t.
Brow Beat
July 22 2011 5:53 PMSpotify vs. Girl Talk: What Is Spotify’s Music Catalog Missing?
Aug. 31 2015 5:01 AMBad ActorCollege is a great time to practice feeling incompetent.
March 6 2015 12:01 PMThe Revolution and the Conference RoomA leading modern leftist overlooks the ways the bureaucracy of private industry might actually make the world a better place.
Map of the Week
July 12 2012 8:15 AMAmericans Drink More Soda Than Anyone ElseA map of soda consumption in 80 countries.
Jan. 24 2012 4:35 PMMitt’s Income vs. Your IncomeHow long would it take the GOP candidate to earn what you make in a year?
Dec. 13 2010 1:44 PMWas Your Gawker Password Hacked?Use our widget to find out.